Sports Betting Tips for Online Success

If you ask 10 different amateur US sports bettors for any betting tips, you are likely to get 10 different answers. But something curious happens when you ask the same question of professional sports bettors. You consistently hear the same things. Concerning online sports betting for Americans, successful professional gamblers all focus on the same basic strategies. No consistently successful professional sports gamblers rely on "hunches" or "gut feelings". They employ proven sports betting strategies, systems and behaviors for one very important reason. It puts them in a better position to win ... before they ever place a bet. The sports betting tips below were compiled by dissecting what US sports betting professionals do on a consistent basis. We will cover successful strategies that work across all sports when gambling online. You can then take this information as a US sports bettor and immediately increase your expectation of winning, which positively affects your bankroll over time when applied to the most favorable American betting lines and odds.

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Tip #1 - Money Management Is Key

It's funny. Amateur sports bettors and weekend gamblers have heard about bankroll management. They know that successful US sports gamblers practice diligent money management. And yet they do not do the same thing themselves. Intelligent bankroll management can automatically, by itself, increase your winning expectation. It doesn't matter if you bet US NCAA college football or European soccer. Smart money management puts more cash in your pocket than no bankroll management. Here's what the pros do. Figure out approximately how many games you will be betting in a single season. Let's say you usually place 50 NFL bets each year. If you are starting out with a $10,000 bankroll, do some simple division. In this case you should never wager more than $200 per bet. After your first week of wagering, check your bankroll, divide by the number of bets you have left on the year, and repeat the process. The pros know that virtually anything can happen in a sporting contest. So they never bet too large a percentage of their bankroll on any one game.

Tip #2 - Specialize, Specialize, Specialize

As an American sports betting participant, you probably understand which games, contests, or leagues are more profitable for you. Then why not focus on them? If you are good at playing the Major League Baseball money line, focus all of your action there. You might know everything about NCAA men's basketball. On the other side of the coin, maybe you know very little about the NFL. In that case, stick to NCAA basketball regular-season and March Madness action, and steer clear of the National Football League. If you are not sure what sport you are naturally inclined to profit at more readily, divide your bankroll across 3 or 4 sports leagues. Then employ sports betting tip #1. At the end of the season you should be able to identify your area of expertise. Begin researching and reading everything you can about that particular sport as far as gambling is concerned. Specialize and focus like professional gamblers do, and you will begin to realize more wins and fewer losses. You can legally and safely bet on these leagues at any of the brands covered in our sportsbook reviews.

Tip #3 - Look for Easily Achievable Bonuses, Not Necessarily the Biggest Ones

Site A is offering a 100% match up to $500 in bonus money. Site B only gives you a 50% match up to $200 in bonus money. So the choice here is simple, correct? Not necessarily so. You need to understand rollover requirements. All of the better Internet sports betting sites that honor US players will reward you with free bonus money when you open and fund an account. That is the industry standard. But every site also expects you to wager your opening deposit and bonus money a certain number of times before you can withdraw your free bonus cash. If Site A requires you to roll over your deposit and bonus 5 times before that bonus money is yours, you will have to place $5,000 in wagers if your opening deposit is $500. But Site B only asks you to roll over your opening deposit and bonus 3 times before you can cash out your bonus offering. In this case you could deposit $400, and receive $200 in cash money to do with as you like after only wagering a total of $1,800. At Site A you have to wager $3,200 more than Site B, just to receive an extra $300 in bonus money. Now what is the smarter choice? (We have identified those legally licensed US online sportsbooks which offer very attractive rollover requirements.) You will find the most legitimate offers from sportsbooks that are compliant with American sports betting laws, such as the ones we list in our guide.

Betting Tip #4 - Steer Clear of Your Favorite Teams and Never Bet Your Emotions

Do you ever do things that make you scratch your head and think, "Why did I do that?" That is because your subconscious drives much of your thought process. This in turn dictate your actions. You subconsciously love your favorite sports teams. That is why it is a great idea to never bet on them. Ask any professional sports better in the United States if he has a favorite sports team. He will probably tell you the name of the squad that scored him his biggest win ever. And as soon as that matchup was over, his allegiance to that team disappeared. Since it is hard to understand just what is driving your response to your favorite teams, whether it's negative or positive, do not bet on them. In the same vein, never bet your emotions. Maybe the Los Angeles Lakers have destroyed you on three consecutive bets. But they have a very favorable matchup and generous line this week. Bet statistics, trends, and other relevant information, and leave your emotions out of it.

Tip #5 - Take Advantage of Live Betting and Mobile Support

The best US sportsbooks, the only ones where we play and the only sites we recommend, have excellent mobile support for your smartphone and tablet. They also deliver on the exciting US sports betting phenomenon that is Live Betting. This means that you are offered proposition bets and wagers on individuals and teams while a sporting contest is being played. When you couple that "real-time" gambling capability with instant mobile access, you can take advantage of events on the field instantly. Perhaps the Indianapolis Colts have a live bet offering of scoring either a touchdown or field gold on this possession, and it is third down on the Cleveland 6 yard line. If you are logged into your smartphone or tablet and Cleveland suffers an offside penalty while simultaneously losing an all-star defensive lineman to injury, you can take advantage with a quick bet on the touchdown. Live betting from your mobile device also allows you to hedge your pregame bets several times throughout a sporting contest if those wagers turn south.